Diversity Development Provides the Following Workforce Compliance Services:


  • Wage and Hour Monitoring​

Diversity Development monitors prime and sub-contractors for compliance with the federal or state wage - hour laws.

  • Monitoring and documenting work force and subcontracting standards 

Including coordinating submittal of information (such as certified payroll records, Weekly Utilization Reports, certification forms, Letters of Intent, residency verification statements, EEO reports, “Best Faith” efforts documentation, etc.)

  • “Best faith efforts” Documentation 

Ensures subcontractors request the sought after work force, and obtain written confirmation from union halls, as well as other “best faith efforts” documentation.

  • Work Force Contact

Interfaces with the EEO Officer or Authority representatives on-site to verify Weekly Utilization Reports or perform other services, as required.

  • On-site Visits

​Diversity Development monitors actual compliance with employment and subcontracting goals and to implement compliance support initiatives.